Optometry Podcast: Let’s Talk Dailies Total 1 Multifocal with Alcon

Back in 2013 contact lens wearers worldwide rejoiced as they entered a newstratosphere of all-day comfort with Alcon’s introduction of Dailies Total 1.  Three years later, presbyopes are finally able to enjoy the technological breakthrough of a water gradient lens as Dailies Total 1 Multifocal hits the market. Today’s podcast guest is the Director of Clinical and Professional Support at Alcon, Dr. Carla Mack.  She’s sharing the keys to becoming a successful presbyopic contact lens prescriber (hint: get in there and try it!) and the exciting new projects Alcon is bringing to market.

Based on the same multifocal design used in their Air Optix and Dailies Aqua Comfort dailies-total-1Plus Multifocal lens designs, optometrists are most successful within no more than 2 lens dispenses when they follow the fitting guide, says Dr. Mack. If you’re thinking you know how to fit Alcon’s multifocal products inside and out, I encourage you to take a second look.  Did you know that trouble shooting reading in high adds involves dropping down to the medium add power?  Yes, time to pull those guides out.

Alcon is not only bringing a new lens to market this year, but they are also rolling out an entirely new patient access program.  The recently launched Dailies Choice rebate not only reimburses patients as much as $200 on a supply of daily contact lenses, but also makes the process of filing for and receiving rebates easier than ever. Everything is electronic – no more cutting box tops and you can even file for your rebate right from your phone.

howard-and-the-amazing-eye-examDr. Mack also discusses the role Alcon plays in supporting the Vision Council and AOA’s Think About Your Eyes Campaign, which is expected to have touched 3 million Americans by the end of 2016. The initiative is spreading the word about the importance of eye exams on television, radio, magazine, and online advertising channels.  This year the initiative has focused on the importance of eye exams for early disease detection and on the need for children’s eye exams (a shocking 50% of kids don’t have an eye exam before entering elementary school).   

Speaking of children’s eye exams, Alcon also sponsored the creation of an excellent children’s e-book written by Dr. Catherine McDonald: Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam. The interactive book is a perfect read for parents to share with their child before their first exam, and is free to access for doctors and parents.  Consider emailing the link out with your scheduling reminders to appointments made for children 6 and under to get kids excited instead of intimidated or afraid before they come in to your office!

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