Legislative update.

Things that have been handled:
Indiana – HB 1331 – sought to repeal Indiana’s ban on prescribing ophthalmic devices through telemedicine (i.e. Opternative).  The bill did not pass due to the strong action by Indiana Optometrists.

Bills in the works:
Georgia – SB 221, expand scope to include lid and subconj injections.
Maryland  SB 611, HB 807 – expand scope to include orals, order and perform diagnostic tests and remove foreign bodies.  Click here to support.
North Carolina – HB 36, expand scope to include lasers (YAG, LPI, SLT) and periorbital skin lesion removal.  Click here to support.

If you want to help but can’t swing a trip to DC to advocate there, money does talk.  The AOA PAC or ODsOnSuperPac (founded by Alan Glazier of OD’s on Facebook) is a great place to donate to your profession.