In other news…

If you see AMD patients…

Bausch + Lomb has launched a chewable formula of PreserVision AREDS 2.

If you fit contacts…

Ultra just got FDA approval for 6 nights extended wear.

If you see glaucoma patients…

Visulytix, a company that uses artificial intelligence to support medical decision making has announced positive results of their recent study at Harvard. The study evaluated retinal images of 186 subjects and found that their artificial intelligence was equivalent to the judgement of two glaucoma specialists in the ability to detect glaucoma. (via)
Also, Rhopressa is now available in the US. Here is a previous rundown on this newly approved glaucoma medication.

If you’ve only got 6 minutes and really need an eye exam…

This startup is on it. Two Florida ophthalmologists have founded GlobeChek, a globe-shaped kiosk that can perform acuities, auto-refraction, IOP’s, OCT, and fundus photos all in roughly six minutes. The information is transmitted to a reading center and the results are sent to the patient within 24 hours. It’s currently in a clinical trial in New York but they hope it will be FDA approved in August. They plan on placing these kiosks in high traffic areas like malls or airports. (via)

If your patients want whiter eyes…

Lumify is hitting the shelves this week. Here is a previous rundown on this new drop.

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