If you see optic neuritis patients…

A new study published in JAMA Neurology found no significant difference in the outcomes of patients with acute optic neuritis, treated with IV steroids vs oral steroids.

Tell me about the study.
The study included 45 patients with acute optic neuritis (diagnosed within 14 days of symptoms). For three days, they treated 23 patients with 1,000mg IV methylprednisolone and 22 patients with 1,250mg oral prednisone. It’s worth noting that the patients in the oral prednisone group had to take 25 tablets of 50mg prednisone every day.

What did they find?
At one and six months the authors recorded VEP’s and visual acuity. The authors found no significant difference in either of these outcomes between the two groups.

What is standard of care right now?
Historically, IV steroids have been the standard practice for treating acute optic neuritis based on findings from the Optic Neuritis Treatment Trial.

If IV steroids work, why change it up?
Because oral corticosteroids are more cost effective and convenient for the patient, especially if they don’t live close to a hospital or infusion center. (via)

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