If you love myopia control…

You might start hearing more about MicroPine. Developed by Eyenovia, MicroPine is a formulation of low dose atropine given to slow myopia progression. This is unique because MicroPine delivers atropine in “microdrops”.

What is a microdrop?
Microdrops are just what you would think, a smaller amount of an eye drop that delivers the same therapeutic effect. Typical eye drop bottles dispense roughly three times the amount that an eye can hold. Microdrops dispense the exact amount the eye can hold and Eyenovia has the proprietary technology. See their eye-dropper-of-the-future here.

Why could this be a big deal?
Two reasons.
1. The microdrops technology could be a hit given that smaller drops limit surface toxicity and Eyenovia is trying to apply this to all areas of therapeutics (glaucoma, allergy etc).
2. This could be the first FDA approved atropine therapy for myopia control.

They have completed Phase two clinical trials and will be heading into a Phase three trial in 2019.

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