Hyperopia and the correlation with AMD.

new study examined the relationship between AMD and refractive error.

The study details:
The study examined 196 eyes (of 98 patients) in a Turkish population, all whom were diagnosed with AMD. They graded these patients with either early or advanced AMD and also measured their refractive error and axial length.

What did they find?
Over 70% of these patients had hypermetropic refractive error (between +0.50 D and +3.00 D) and 83% of them had shorter axial lengths (less than 23mm).

Have other studies shown this correlation?
It’s been mixed. The Beijing Eye study and Rotterdam study showed similar results but other studies (Blue Mountains Eye Study, Beaver Dam Eye study) didn’t show the same correlation at their 5 and 10 year follow-ups. According to the authors, it seems that the correlation between AMD and hypermetropic refractive error are observed in cross-sectional studies but not in longitudinal studies. (via)

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