Hey, type 2 diabetics. You should use your CPAP.

A recent study found that type 2 diabetics with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) had a greater risk of developing advanced diabetic retinopathy than diabetics without OSA.

Give me some background.
The research team recruited 230 type 2 diabetics and tested them for sleep apnea. They found that over half of these patients had it, unbeknownst to the patient.
What else did they discover?
1. At baseline, diabetic retinopathy was almost twice as common in diabetics with OSA as compared to those without.
2. Follow up visits almost 4 years later showed diabetics with OSA were more likely to develop moderate to severe diabetic retinopathy compared to those without OSA.
On a positive note, the authors found that using a CPAP lowered the risk of progression to advanced DR and maculopathy.
The take home:
Sleep apnea can make diabetic retinopathy worse and many patients are not aware they have sleep apnea. Because of this, the authors suggest clinicians should consider testing patients for sleep apnea as it’s very common in patients with type 2 diabetes. (via)

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