Optometry Podcast: J&J Vision Care: FTC Call to Action

We apologize for the technical difficulties with sound quality on this podcast, but we felt the topic and Dr. Alexander’s insights were too important and our time before the FTC comment period ends too limited to delay sharing this podcast.

“And here is your prescription.  If you can sign here stating you’ve received your prescription and that you understand that you can buy this on the internet.”

Sounds like something you do at the end of every doctor’s appointment right? This is not some cruel eyecare joke, but a real legislative rule doctors prescribing vision corrective lenses (MDs, ODs, and opticians alike) will be held responsible to uphold if the proposed Federal Trade Commission changes to the 2004 Contact Lens Rule passes through legislation.  The proposed rule requires that doctors or ECPs prescribing contact lenses will obtain a signature from all patients who get a contact lens fitting stating that they were provided with a copy of their contact lens prescription at the completion of the evaluation, and acknowledging that they are free to purchase contact lenses from the seller of their choice.  This signed form would need to be kept by the prescriber for 3 years as proof of adherence to the legislative change.
The AOA has called the proposal “misguided” and is working closely with other members of the  Coalition for Patient Vision Care Safety (which includes all major contact lens manufacturers) to educate the FTC about the danger and confusion the proposal would create over the nature of contact lenses as medical devices. Today’s podcast guest is Dr. Carol Alexander, the Director of Professional Affairs at Johnson and Johnson Vision Care, who is leading the fight against passive prescription verification practices and efforts to allow substitution or changes to a doctor’s contact lens prescription during this FTC review period of the decade old Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act. She breaks down all the proposed legislative changes the FTC is considering (some they support, and some they are encouraging the FTC to reconsider), and talks about how you can get involved in the fight to protect the power of your pen when writing contact lens prescriptions.
Time is of the essence to leave your comment with the FTC – the open public forum closes on January 30th.  Head here to submit your comment on all aspects of the proposal you support or oppose (it’s just a few quick clicks) and Dr. Alexander invites you to reach out to her with any of your insights or feedback on how Johnson and Johnson Vision Care can help make your voice better heard on the legislative floor!
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