Eye drop size is back in the news.

Major drug companies (Allergan, Bausch & Lomb, Pfizer, etc.) are asking the Supreme Court to weigh in on lawsuits from prescription drug users.

What’s the story?
Typical eye drop bottles dispense roughly three times the amount that an eye can hold. This has been highlighted in the news recently and Eyenovia is one company working on smaller drop delivery methods.

What do prescription drug users say?
They would pay less for their prescription eye drops if the dropper dispensed smaller amounts. Less drop wasted would allow them to get more medication out of the bottle.

What do the drug companies say?
You can’t sue us based on speculation that the treatment would cost less. The price to redesign the bottle may end up costing the patient more. They also point out that the current drop size was approved by the FDA and redesigning would require FDA approval.

The Supreme Court has thousands of case requests every year but only takes less than a hundred of them. Whether it will take the case is TBD. (via)

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