Epithelial defects that just won’t heal.

study published in Eye and Contact Lens studied 12 patients with postinfectious persisting corneal epithelial defects. Initially the defects started as ulcers and were treated with antibiotic drops but the lesions failed to epithelialize.
Did they try other options first?
They did. Various artificial tears, lubricating gels, and ointments were tried without success.
This study examined the combo therapy of autologous serum drops and a silicone hydrogel bandage contact lens.
The results?
They found the epi defects healed in all patients in 2 weeks without adverse events.
The take home:
Autologous serum drops and a silicone hydrogel bandage contact lens may be an alternative treatment for persisting epithelial defects that are not responding to other treatments.
(Related, here is a nice rundown written by an OD on the power of the bandage contact lens.)

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