COVID-19 Update with Dr. Adam Ramsey

Dr. Adam Ramsey is the practice owner of Socialite Vision in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. After cold opening his practice in 2016, he also has 3 satellite offices serving the Seminole Native American community.  On this podcast with Dr. Darryl Glover, he shares how his practice is staying nimble and making the most of existing technology to serve his patient base during COVID19 closures.
Some of the technology that Dr. Ramsey discusses on this podcast include:

  • Dr. Contact Lens: This service allows his patients to directly order their contact lens supplies through his office, seamlessly pulling information about prescriptions through his EHR. Dr. Ramsey shares that this service has a leg up over competitors because it is able to send reorder messages to his existing patients that were due for a contact lens reorder but were seen for an exam prior to him signing up for Dr. Contact Lens. Other competitor systems only start pulling patient data and sending reorder messages from the time you begin using the program and going forward, but can’t pull information from prior exams. You can learn more about Dr. Contact Lens on this podcast.
  • Telemedicine: Dr. Ramsey had previously utilized EyecareLive but found that his patients struggled to actually get into the system. During the COVID19 crisis he has been using  because of the simpler interface. 
  • MyEyeStore: Dr. Ramsey added e-commerce to his practice website powered by MyEyeStore. This service allows patients to order nutritional supplements, eyelid cleansers, and artificial tears that he retails in his office directly online. What makes it even more convenient for his practice is that the orders pull and directly ship from the vendor, so his staff doesn’t have to worry about checking orders or shipping any supplies from the office itself.

Dr. Ramsey shares his experience with applying for, receiving, and utilizing EIDL and PPP loans as well as insights on what’s to come when routine patient care restarts in his community. “Reimagine your office,” he advises doctors. “If this was to happen again, how would you be prepared?”

None of the services or products mentioned in this podcast or article are sponsored. All opinions are our own. 

Dr. Darryl Glover
Dr. Darryl Glover is a global optometrist, speaker, entrepreneur, and social media enthusiast. He has served the optometric community for nearly twenty years and has held every position in the field including eyewear consultant, optometric technician, office manager, and optometrist.

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