Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Weekly social media roundup.

Patients are not the most truthful bunch of people. A new survey found that over 60% of patients have admitted to withholding information about their medical health...

Legislative Update.

Oklahoma - State Question 793  This legislative change "would allow big box stores like Walmart to open optometry clinics within their retail spaces and dictate the...

Legislative Update.

SB 668 was recently passed in the Senate to expand the scope of practice in Pennsylvania. A few features of the bill include: -the use of the term...

The AOA is coming for Opternative.

The AOA sent Mark Zuckerberg a letter asking that Opternative ads be removed from Facebook. Why? It stems from a warning letter Opternative received from the FDA back in October...

Legislative update.

Virginia optometrists can perform steroid injections to treat chalazia. The bill was signed into law March 9th and goes into effect July 1st. (via)

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