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A luxury eyewear optical in Regina, Saskatchewan? Ryan Horne of Spex by Ryan has accomplished what you may have assumed to be impossible in less than a year. His provocative social media and passion for eyewear design have made his new start private optical a quick success. Last year he was recognized as a Visionary at Vision Expo, and the accolades just keep coming. What’s the secret to his success? Ryan talks embracing luxury eyewear and establishing yourself as the destination for fashion in your local community through branding and a focused social media story in today’s podcast.

Wanting to Bring Luxury Eyewear into Your Practice? Check Ryan’s Top 5 Brands that his customers clamor for:
Wanting to break in to luxury frames with something more subtle? Ryan loves Barton Perreira as an entry into the world of luxury that’s wearable and a consistent seller. http://www.bartonperreira.com/
What he’s wearing: Matsuda Ryan prefers a bold statement in his own frames. He wears Matsuda sunglasses as his regular ophthalmics, changing out the  sun lenses for Transitions lenses for that added color dimension.
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