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Defocus Media is the pulse of the optometric industry. Our expertise at Defocus Media is creating completely custom social media services for eyecare professionals. Our company manages social media networks for optometrists, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition to providing social media management for optometrist, we assist in providing eyecare professionals with the latest in optometric industry news, eyewear trends and discussions of the hottest topics in the eyecare profession.

Social Media Management for Optometrists

We offer three packages to bring your social media accounts to perfect 20/20 clarity. Our packages allow you to choose topics for post customization based on the services your office provides.

MicroFocus Package

Motivated to manage your own social media? We’ve got you covered with a day-by-day road map to drive engagement on your social media feed.

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Fixed Focus Package

This package is ideal for a practice that has an established social media presence, but wants to pass over the day to day management to our team.

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HyperFocus Package

Looking for a full-fledged social media assault? This package will build an entirely customized and unique social media presence.

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Podcast Episodes

Stay up to date with the latest in optometry industry news, eyewear trends and the hottest topics in our profession on the Defocus Podcast.

Optometry Podcast: 2017 Wrap Up with Dr. Jaclyn Garlich of 20/20 Glance

December 10, 2017
Think you’re up to date on what’s happening in optometry? A friend of the podcast Dr. Jackie Garlich of 20/20 Glance drops in to test our skills on optometry news, research, and pop culture.  You can study up by making sure you subscribe to her excellent weekly email newsletter and following her on Instagram @2020glance !

Optometry Podcast: Let’s Talk Referrals with Dr. Jessica Tegen

December 4, 2017
Building your practice? Getting referrals from your community is a great place to start. How do you stand out in your community as a go-to provider, and approach doctors and community leaders outside of eyecare about the benefit of our profession? Dr. Jessica Tegen of Madras Vision Source weighs in on how she built her pediatric specialty practice. 1. Meet face to face. Instead of just sending a blanket note of introduction, Dr. Tegen recommends scheduling time to establish a personal relationship with MDs in your community. Cater lunch for staff and/or bring a gift basket or something that reflects the doctor’s personal tastes or interests. Focus on creating a mutual collaboration and ask how you can refer patients to them! 2. Get involved at schools. If you are specializing in pediatric care or vision therapy, or just want to grow pediatric and young parent-patient demographics, referrals from teachers are a must. Whether you offer school vision screenings, sponsor a fundraiser or cater food for a PTA meeting, or sponsor a local youth sports teams, there are plenty of ways to get involved. 3. Don’t forget about fellow optometry referrals. Dr. Tegen stays active in her state and local optometric society to meet fellow ODs and collaborate on referrals to get her patients the care they need. The key to successful optometric referrals is to approach it the right way.  Within optometry, we are colleagues – not competitors. We discuss local civic groups and public health organizations to drive referrals, keys to referral letter writing, and what patient care offerings bring in the most referrals in this week’s podcast!

Optometry Podcast: Fierce Clarity Featuring Dr. Danielle Richardson

November 27, 2017
Not many of us would rate the 6 AM breakfast hour CE at an optometric conference as a favorite or must-do experience. But you haven’t been to a class by Dr. Danielle Richardson. At this year’s NOA meeting the turnout was impressive at such an early hour to learn from Dr. Richardson’s topic of expertise: stress management and whole body wellness through yoga. As a student OD, Richardson was consistently battling health issues without recourse. She sought doctor after doctor to manage her symptoms enough to get through exams, coursework, and patient care. Experts kept telling her the same thing; she’d get more improvement in her symptoms if she could manage her stress. Then finally she got the advice that changed her life.  “Have you tried yoga?” After graduation, Richardson knew her body wasn’t going to make it at the rate she was going. As many of her classmates started stressful job hunts and planned the end of school trips to blow off steam, she focused on taking care of herself with the ultimate mental detox: a yoga retreat in Bali. Mentally and physically refreshed she started her career as an optometrist, but she was committed to keeping her life balanced with the principles she learned in her retreat. She started teaching classes and coaching friends and then Instagram followers on stress management and well being. Without even intending it, a fully fledged business was born: Fierce Clarity In this week’s podcast, Richardson discusses how yoga has influenced her optometric practice, her patient care, and her ability to balance the daily demands of optometry and being an entrepreneurial professional. Are you interested in learning the skills to manage your stress levels in an exclusive yoga retreat for professional women? Head here to register for the Fierce Clarity retreat, and use promo code DEFOCUS for 10% off as a gift to our loyal listeners!!

Optometry Podcast: OpTranslate Featuring Dmitriy Richter

November 13, 2017
Think about how difficult it can be to communicate ocular health conditions to your patients.  Meibomian glands, glaucoma, epiretinal membranes – it’s no easy task explaining our findings.  Now picture having to explain it in a different language.  If you just threw your hands in the air and mumbled, “Impossible!” let me ask you to reconsider.  There is after all, an app for that. OpTranslate was made by optometrists for optometrists to translate common ocular exam findings and patient instructions in 8 different languages (and growing!).  Founded by multilingual optometry student Dimitriy Richter of The New England College of Optometry, OpTranslate is available for both Apple and Android devices and designed to be utilized right in the exam room.  You can walk through the eye exam point by point, from pre-testing skills to slit lamp exam, with translation help written by optometrists fluent in the language needed.  This isn’t just your standard, “cover the right eye” translation. The app includes binocular vision exams and contact lens exams as well.  At this time OpTranslate supports Spanish, Portuguese, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Mandarin, Hindi, and Gujarati, with more languages planned to roll out in the future. What does OpTranslate brainchild and student optometrist Richter plan for 2018?  Passing boards tops his to-do list.  But in addition to hurdling on towards graduation and patient care, he is planning an optometric version of Rosetta Stone, with video and audio build-outs on his app and website to help you learn to speak the language of the eye exam more fluently in 5-minute segments from the comfort of your couch.  Download OpTranslate from your mobile device’s app store now to get started! FREE ACCESS TO OPTRANSLATE APP Follow us and OpTranslate on Facebook, and leave a comment on the Facebook contest post  

Our Team of Experts

Defocus Media is run by two successful Millennial optometrists and social media entrepreneurs, Dr. Jennifer Lyerly and Dr. Darryl Glover.  They have proven track records of successfully engaging online readers and followers, and are bringing their expertise to your media accounts.

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